Beating the Sugar: The Kidsweet Blog.

Cinnamon Kidsweet

May 11, 2017

Cinnamon Kidsweet is a snap to make and tastes wonderful sprinkled on a buttery piece of French toast. Use coupon code “HIMOM” between now and Mother’s Day, May 14th, and get 14% off your entire order!


May 04, 2017

Barbecuing this weekend? Reduce the sugar! How about getting a hearty serving of pulled pork and cole slaw down from 48 grams of sugar (!) to 5 grams? Use our barbecue sauce and cole slaw recipes to beat the sugar but still enjoy a delicious meal.⠀

There's a War on Sugar

May 02, 2017

A good podcast discussion on the state of sugar in America from Freakonomics. Especially helpful info from Dr. Lustig, the guru of sugar metabolism, though we don’t agree with his call to regulate sugar. Kidsweet, LLC believes that education is the right answer, so please share this link with your friends to help them learn about the problems with sugar. We do agree that an end to sugar subsidies would be pretty nice, though - each sweetener should compete on its merits.

Buckwheat Cookies

Apr 28, 2017

The problem with making and posting these recipes is that somebody has to eat the results. Oh, did I say “problem”?

Low-Sugar Oatmeal with Kidsweet

Apr 27, 2017

Start your day off right with a nice hot bowl of Kidsweet oatmeal! Packed with nutrition and minimal sugar, you and your kids will love it. This recipe includes Instant Pot directions to make it even faster and easier!

Lower Fat & Lower Sugar Sweet Potato Fries

Apr 12, 2017

Low-temperature frying and Kidsweet-sweetened sauce really get the calories down for this delicious snack.

Easter Egg!

Apr 06, 2017

There’s an Easter egg hidden for you in the new Recipes section of our website!

We Love our Awesome Customers!

Feb 25, 2017

What more can we say? Great customers are an inspriation - we’re happy to help them and we’re happy they’re happy too!

Grand Opening Sale - 17% off through Winter 2017

Feb 24, 2017

Kidsweet is an all-natural ultra-low-carb plant-based sweetener that’s tasty as sugar! To celebrate the grand opening of our new website and online store we are offering a coupon for 17% off every item in your order through the end of Winter 2017! Visit now to use coupon code GRANDOPENFB to get your discount!

Porcfest Wrap-up

Jun 30, 2016

A great time was had doing product demos, selling samples, getting hugged by customers, and mixing it up with politicians.


Jun 07, 2016

Well be at the Porcupine Freedom Festival from June 19th-26th, selling Kidsweet and various foods and beverages sweetened with Kidsweet (food and beverages at cost!). Come see us at Site #23 in the Vendor area.